Some hearts are diamonds, some hearts are stones.

She was born, found herself in the hands of an unclear present. With a scar on her arm, and with a tongue that had to forget saying the word “mamma”. She left. As she was crawling, angels looked, and the great up above, smiled. Innocent eyes, and smile, that understood nothing, but some sort of living, they had no hand in, and no ability to change.  Growing up, she understood things at a young age, a very young age. She understood people, and the differences. She did not like what she saw, and what she had to go through. She tried to change what she did not like, but it was too far to happen, for her small hands could not do much. There were some wolves that wanted to cut her to pieces, but her hero was there : Father. This man does have only one heart, but it is way bigger than what everyone thinks. A man,  and 3 baby girls. What to do? Their mother left, scared of the responsibility, did not feel ready, she just left. Him, he stayed,  fought, sacrificed, cried, and  suffered, because he knows, and he feels the meaning of the word “child”.
It is just amazing what the human body can do. A human inside a human, then it grows up to become taller than the human that held it inside. Does not that sound like a fiction movie? Is not it amzing that a human being gives birth to an other, and feeds it from its own body?! This person is made of the other, so they are one! You, and your parents are one. You contain your mother, and father in you, you are them! Just thinking deep about it I just wonder, how can a mother just walk away from her other parts?! That is what she did not understand. She  used to pray to God before sleeping, praying to see her, but it would not happen. She used to wish holding her hand. She just loved her so much.
All the love she had for her turned into something, not hatred, nor love. She does not feel her, and does not want to. She does not blame her. She just wishes she is fine, just like she wishes everyone is!
She just stares at that moon up there, closes her eyes for a second, and smiles.



In the hands of fate!

FOR the first time, I try to type what dances in my head. I have always written them! I have always spent moments of my life staring at things around me, and wondering! Wondering about this life, trying to understand it. I ,now, know that no one  in this life understands what it exactly is, no one! Even if ones believe they do, they are wrong. It has so many understandings, called so many names. We did not choose to be born, we did not! Nothing is our choice, nothing at all. It is later on when you get invloved in life, that you try to make your choices, but after all, you did not choose to get invloved. I know myself, and what I want, but I am wrong, and so are you. This is the reason why we have so many wars!! Forget about this now!